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Perris Monte Carlo

The Perris Family Legacy spans 50 years in the Cosmetic, Beauty industry from creating, developing and marketing their own products globally, to collaborating with many renowned designers and multinational companies.

The Perris Group was founded in 1981 in Milan by Mr. Michele Perris. The headquarters are located in Monte Carlo, Monaco since 1990. The company is owned by the Perris Family. It operates in more than 50 countries and has offices in 9 countries.The family has always had a strong passion for fragrances, indeed they started as fragrance distributors, became then fragrance producers and finally owner of high quality fragrances.

Recent years have been quite frustrating in the perfumery industry; the focus is only on the brand name, on the marketing campaign, neglecting the perfume itself. New launches were created more to achieve financial figures, than for a real consumer need or for a genuine innovation.